Nuclear Fuel Market Issues & Insights
NAC International’s flagship market report, Nuclear Fuel Market Issues & Insights is produced annually and provides in-depth analysis and insights into the main issues driving the evolution of nuclear fuel markets.

For customers serious about strategies for nuclear fuel procurement; for nuclear fuel service suppliers looking at market opportunities, market evolution and investment decisions; and for others on the outside of the industry but with a close interest in the nuclear fuel cycle and its projected developments – Nuclear Fuel Market Issues & Insights provides customers what they need to support their decision-making.

Important issues addressed in the report include:
  • What are market impacts of potential Russian sanctions in the near term and long term? 
  • When is new production needed in each sector of the fuel cycle?
  • Will deployment of SMRs and advanced reactors have a meaningful impact on the nuclear fuel markets?
  • What is the outlook for the uranium, conversion, and enrichment markets with the announced and expected increases in production? 
  • How will the influx of financial investors and funds influence market prices and affect the competitive landscape?
  • What are the price forecasts for uranium, conversion, and enrichment?    

The report addresses all issues in detail and with the benefit of insights from NAC’s experienced consulting experts. NAC market projections in recent years have proven very accurate. Nuclear Fuel Market Issues & Insights provides customers with a solid base of realistic, feet-on-the-ground data and judgments to use in shaping strategy.