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The MAGNASTOR® system is the new generation of dry, multipurpose spent fuel storage technology. Storing between 16% to 28% more spent fuel than other high capacity licensed systems, MAGNASTOR demonstrates NAC's commitment to spent fuel dry storage excellence. Click "learn more" to find out more about MAGNASTOR and other NAC spent fuel storage systems.

Spent Fuel Transportation


NAC offers comprehensive nuclear material packaging and transportation services. In accordance with the latest international regulations and supported by our large fleet of spent fuel transport casks, our proven team of cask operators and field engineers constantly provide full scope services to relocate and manage nuclear materials domestically and internationally.



NAC's Consulting division continuously serves the world's most prestigious nuclear organizations in providing impartial evaluation, consulting and training services in all technical and business aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle. No matter how complex the nuclear market may become, NAC's specialized consultants will be there to provide well-informed analysis.