Strategic Consulting Services

Commercial, Market and Strategic Consulting

NAC International delivers comprehensive market, commercial and strategic consulting services that cover all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle.

NAC’s research includes evaluations of nuclear industry security of supply and supply capabilities, market and commercial analyses, and projected developments in supply chain, new builds, and policies and regulations.

NAC experts provide economic modeling of programs and investment strategies across different sectors of the industry. NAC’s evaluations of investment and financing opportunities include merger and acquisition support, due diligence assessments of nuclear industry companies, and assessments of regulatory frameworks and their associated costs and effectiveness.

NAC offers nuclear technology reviews, technological options analysis, and nuclear risk management, assessment and mitigation planning. NAC experts provide technical, political, public, and sociopolitical issue analyses, nuclear fuel technical performance evaluations, and quality assurance (QA) and supplier oversight services.

Strategic Management Services

NAC International provides strategic solutions to challenging corporate and nuclear plant management issues.

NAC’s seasoned experts offer a full range of assessment, evaluation, inspection, and investigation capabilities that includes financial analysis, organizational analysis, due diligence analysis, procurement strategies, process re-engineering, operations assessments, strategic planning, quality assurance, and work safety culture.