Storage / Transport Experts

Jeff England

Director of Transportation Special Projects and Business Development

Jeff England provides support for special projects involving NAC’s current and developing NRC-licensed fleet of casks for worldwide transportation of spent fuel and other nuclear materials. His responsibilities include business development activities associated with NAC’s transportation projects, customer interface, and industry engagement, as well as business operations support.

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Holger Pfeifer, Ph.D.

Director of Engineering

Holger Pfeifer is Director of Engineering, responsible for criticality and shielding design of spent fuel storage and transport casks. He is presently using MCNP and the SCALE code system, including the KENO Va, ORIGEN S, XSDRNPM and MORSE codes, in criticality and shielding analysis of light water reactor fuel and other nuclear materials in storage and transport casks.

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Steven Sisley

Manager, Cask Development Projects

Steve Sisley is Manager of Cask Development Projects, responsible for directing the progress of new design development, licensing and amendments for the NAC’s spent fuel storage and transportation cask systems.

Mr. Sisley has over 25 years of experience in similar roles, specifically focused on the evolution of spent fuel management technology licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and foreign authorities. He produces licensing strategies for spent fuel management systems, establishes the bases for licensed technologies, and assures continual compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Mike Valenzano

Director of Transportation Projects

Mike Valenzano, Director of Transportation Projects for NAC International, is responsible for supporting transportation operations using NAC’s fleet of NRC-licensed casks in performing worldwide transportation of used nuclear fuel (UNF), fresh fuel, and other nuclear materials. He directs resources and activities required for NAC’s transport services projects for the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Defense, other domestic and international government agencies, and commercial clients.

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Jay Wellwood

Manager, System Operations

Jay Wellwood is Manager of System Operations, responsible for providing technical oversight and support of cask operations and other work activities of utility site spent fuel storage projects.

Mr. Wellwood has over 25 years of relevant experience in the nuclear industry, including over 15 years in spent fuel loading and dry storage operations at nuclear power plants. His experience in the U.S. Navy nuclear program included extensive training and technical assignments, leading to increasingly responsible positions and operations and maintenance of a Nuclear-Powered Propulsion Plant.

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Michael Yaksh, Ph.D.

Manager, Applied Mechanics Engineering Design

Mike Yaksh is Manager of Applied Mechanics Engineering Design, responsible for the structural and thermal analyses of spent fuel storage and transport packages and operational equipment design. He is the primary technical interface for these analyses with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other international competent authority organizations supporting NAC’s fuel transportation and storage operations.

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