Expertise Assured

Specialized Insights For Every Step of the Fuel Cycle

For over 50 years, NAC International has delivered dependable, highly-specialized nuclear industry insights, including complex pricing trends, forecasting of market regulations, and technical and quality oversight, to nuclear utilities, suppliers, governments, agencies, and the investment and financial communities.

Global Network of Consultants

NAC’s internationally recognized team of nuclear industry experts artfully combines worldwide industrial experience with global reach, detailed market analysis, and deep technical expertise. They collectively represent more than 500 years of combined nuclear industry experience, across the U.S. and around the world.
For decades, NAC’s experienced consulting team has supported an entire industry on a truly independent basis.
NAC experts have successfully supported customers’ business operations and strategy, policy development, and investment engagements. All consulting services are informed by the team’s extensive industry background, technical experience and NAC’s exclusive data-driven market research.

NAC consulting experts are specialized in all segments of the nuclear fuel industry. Our international and up-to-date perspectives are unbiased and provide excellent outcomes for the most demanding consulting assignments in the nuclear sector.
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Fuel Cycle Consulting

NAC International offers tailored consulting services with its commercial and technical expertise across the nuclear industry, including supplier marketing strategies, buyer purchasing strategies, price projections, and fuel fabrication procurement support.
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Fuel-Trac® Status Reports

Fuel-Trac® is the best available database model of supply and demand, covering the front-end and back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle. Fuel-Trac® provides the most comprehensive available reference to support customers’ business analyses.
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Nuclear Fuel Market Issues & Insights

NAC’s flagship market report provides in-depth analysis and insights into the main issues driving the evolution of nuclear fuel markets.
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NAC Reporter®

NAC Reporter® is designed for ease of use and captures nuclear material accounting activities at a facility or national level.
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Fuel & Core Components

NAC International fuel and core components consulting provides customers with valuable technical advice and analyses to improve product designs, internal systems and business performance. ​
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Nuclear Quality Assurance

NAC International’s lead auditors support and train emergent Nuclear Safety-related Quality Assurance suppliers, and established suppliers expanding their offerings.
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Strategic Consulting

NAC International delivers comprehensive market, commercial and strategic consulting services that cover all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle.
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Government Policy Consulting

NAC International is a trusted independent advisor to national governments and government agencies around the world.
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Training Seminars

NAC International offers insightful and up-to-date seminar courses on subjects important to the nuclear industry.