Storage Projects

Transportable Dry Used Fuel Systems

NAC International has achieved many successes with the development of its four multipurpose transportable used fuel storage systems currently in use around the world.

In the United States, more than 3,000 Multipurpose Canister Systems (MCS) have been loaded with used fuel and placed into Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations (ISFSI) at reactor sites.
To date, NAC multipurpose systems constitute a large percentage of all loaded concrete Multipurpose Canister Systems in the U.S.
NAC has performed numerous successful projects involving the supply and loading of its MPC, STC, UMS, and ultra-high capacity MAGNASTOR® dry storage/transport technologies for utility customers. Since 1992, NAC has deployed more than 500 dry storage systems at major sites in North America and the Asia-Pacific.

NAC has proven capabilities as a major supplier of critical systems that support the necessary transportable storage of used nuclear fuel – necessary for preserving the contribution of nuclear energy in the U.S. and around the world.

NAC System and its Users

  • Arizona Public Services, Palo Verde
  • Duke Energy, McGuire and Catawba
  • ZionSolutions, Zion
  • Dominion Energy Kewaunee
  • Taiwan Power Company, Kuosheng
  • Exelon, Three Mile Island
  • Arizona Public Services, Palo Verde
  • Duke Energy, McGuire and Catawba
  • Maine Yankee
  • Taiwan Power Company, Chinshan
  • Yankee Atomic, Yankee Rowe
  • Connecticut Light and Power, Connecticut Yankee
  • Dairyland Power, LaCrosse
  • West Valley Demonstration Project
  • DOE Hanford Site