Fuel & Core Components Consulting
NAC International fuel and core components consulting provides customers with valuable technical advice and analyses to improve product designs, internal systems and business performance.

Procurement Services and Support

NAC’s fuel and core component procurement services include technical and quality assurance oversight in the manufacture of nuclear fuel and components. NAC experts can provide vendor quality assurance system audits, manufacturing process qualification audits, performance-based manufacturing oversight, and training of customer personnel.

NAC has provided manufacturing oversight at supplier and supply-chain sites in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Our experts stand ready to ensure that every step of the production meets or exceeds customer specifications.

Leading utilities have relied on NAC for fuel fabrication procurement support, which includes fabrication market analysis; request for proposal (RFP) development; technical, economic and commercial bid evaluations; drafting of bid specifications and fuel supply contracts; support to contract negotiations; and assistance in transitions between fuel vendors.

Design Review and Analysis

NAC experts offer nuclear fuel and core component design review and analysis, providing independent assessments of fuel and reactor core component designs, newly introduced design features, and new materials.

NAC’s design review and analysis includes an evaluation of a fuel or component’s likely performance under operating and accident conditions. Such analyses are available in support of procurement activity, supplier transition, or the introduction of a new design, design feature or manufacturing process by a supplier.

Reactor Operations Support

NAC’s experienced team also provides fuel and core component-related reactor operations support, including Reactor Coolant System (RCS) water chemistry program evaluations, failed fuel analysis and action plans, and poolside examinations and spent fuel tooling designs.