Licensing Assurance

NAC Experience Provides Unmatched Advantages

NAC International’s extensive licensing experience and continuity provide unmatched licensing advantages. NAC’s expert personnel represent hundreds of years of combined cask design, operation, and NRC licensing experience.

NAC holds 10 major U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-licensed systems, including the first high-capacity system licensed for storage and transport, the NAC-STC; the first multipurpose, storage and transport canister-based system fully approved by the NRC, the MPC; and the first ultra-high capacity multipurpose canister system, MAGNASTOR®.
NAC has obtained NRC licenses or license amendments for the nearly 700 NAC storage and/or transport systems for spent nuclear fuel.
NAC appears frequently before regulators, performing extensive project-critical licensing activities for its three multipurpose canister systems – MAGNASTOR®, UMS™ and MPC – and amending the licenses of its transport and storage fleet for design updates and licensed content expansion with more than 100 approved license amendments.

An example of NAC’s project-critical, integrated licensing experience is the licensing of NAC’s MPC storage and transport system, which NAC began developing in 1996. The MPC system integrates the earlier-licensed NAC-STC cask design – the first NRC-approved cask design for both the transport and storage of modern commercial fuel. In approximately three years, NAC received full NRC certification for the MPC, which became the first U.S.-approved dual-purpose fuel storage system.