April 13, 2017
NORCROSS, GA — NAC International Inc. (NAC) is pleased to announce that on April 6, 2017, it completed the successful loading of its 100th MAGNASTOR system, reaching new heights in system maturity, reliability and performance to efficiently store commercial spent fuel. This milestone was achieved with the loading of the 13th MAGNASTOR system at the Kewaunee Power Station in Wisconsin, where MAGNASTOR systems are relied upon to accelerate defueling of the Kewaunee spent fuel pool as an important element of the plant decommissioning strategy. NAC is the full scope contractor to Dominion Energy Kewaunee, Inc. (Dominion) and leads a talented team which includes Westinghouse for cask loading operations. NAC is on track to complete the successful relocation of all spent fuel in 24 MAGNASTOR systems by June 2017.

NAC’s leading-edge MAGNASTOR System (US Patent No.: 8,630,384 B2) is the first NRC-certified ultra-high capacity (37PWR/87BWR) canister system and the first of such systems to be deployed at a commercial nuclear power plant.

“The 100th MAGNASTOR loading not only represents an important milestone in system maturity, but also demonstrates the system’s capabilities to enable record setting operational and low dose performance, while implementing the intensive defueling operations required at a decommissioning site. NAC would like to congratulate the Dominion-NAC-Westinghouse team for this milestone and for its excellent performance with recent system loadings achieved in less than 3.5 days from pool loading to placement on the storage pad,” said Kent Cole, NAC President and CEO.

The MAGNASTOR system continues to set new standards in dry storage decommissioning performance. It was the system of choice at the largest, most recently completed decommissioning spent nuclear fuel dry storage campaign at Zion in Illinois, where 61 systems were loaded within a 52-week record-setting schedule. The Kewaunee dry storage project has further raised the bar in industry standards for all future spent nuclear fuel dry storage campaigns worldwide, as it is the first system to support accelerated defueling, with all fuel transferred from pool to pad. The loading campaign was originally planned for one cask per week and NAC is currently averaging approximately 3.5 days per cask (pool to pad). This prompt defueling schedule supports Dominion’s Decommissioning Schedule and is a major milestone in moving the plant to the next level of SAFSTOR. Fuel transfer operations are enabled by the MAGNASTOR license that permits regional loading optimization of Kewaunee fuel with a minimum 2.5 year cooling times in selected locations.

NAC’s transportable spent fuel storage technologies are among the most widely deployed multipurpose canister systems in the United States. To date, 627 NAC systems have been ordered, and 554 have been fabricated, constructed, and delivered to commercial operating or decommissioning nuclear plants. NAC is a diversified company specializing in nuclear fuel transport, used fuel management technology and fuel cycle consulting. Since 1968, NAC has been a global leader in providing solutions and services to the nuclear industry, working with both government and commercial organizations. NAC maintains its corporate headquarters in Norcross, Georgia. NAC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Zosen Corporation, a global leader in design and construction of environmental systems, industrial plants, industrial machinery, process equipment, infrastructure-related equipment, disaster prevention systems, and precision machinery.