NAC International: Reliability Assured
NAC International Inc. (NAC) has been a trusted partner for fuel cycle management solutions and consulting for over 50 years.

NAC Consulting: Fuel Cycle Experts
For over 50 years, NAC’s experienced consulting team has supported an entire industry on a truly independent basis.

NAC Solutions: Decommissioning
When it comes to addressing used fuel and high-level waste (HLW) needs at shutdown sites, the track record is clear – NAC International is the proven expert.

NAC Project in Focus: Kewaunee
NAC International completed Kewaunee’s loading campaign in record time, removing 887 spent fuel assemblies to 24 high-capacity MAGNASTOR® systems pool-to-pad in under 23 weeks.

NAC Project in Focus: West Valley
NAC International delivered 56 specially-designed NAC-WVDP transportable cask systems on-time and removed 278 canisters of vitrified high-level waste.

NAC Project in Focus: Zion
NAC International delivered 65 high-capacity MAGNASTOR systems for the largest spent fuel loading campaign in the United States to-date, completed in under a year.