Transport Services

Trusted Worldwide for Safe and Secure Packaging and Shipping

NAC International offers a full range of spent fuel transportation services to utilities, companies and governmental entities thanks to a large fleet of spent fuel transport casks and a proven team of transport cask operators, engineers, and management experts.

NAC’s cask operators and field engineers continually provide full-scope services to relocate and manage nuclear materials domestically and internationally. Prior to arriving at the client site, NAC’s qualified professionals are available to assist the customer with materials assessment, licensing, and hardware preparation. For clients with challenging storage areas, we provide specialized dry transfer systems if needed.

NAC MapSpentNuclearFuel FINAL 8.7.2017NAC has completed more than 3,600 shipments of radioactive materials, used fuel and high-level waste worldwide, covering over 7 million miles.

NAC has provided services and hardware at more than 70 nuclear facilities around the world. NAC’s unique experience includes safely managing spent fuel handling, loading, transport, and unloading in many countries, including Canada, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Indonesia, Iraq, North Korea, Russia and Taiwan, under sometimes severe conditions. In spent fuel transportation, safe and proven experience counts.