May 11, 2021

NAC is continually advancing its global supply chain so we can provide defense-in-depth qualified fabrication support to efficiently meet the global demand for high-quality used nuclear fuel dry cask storage (DCS) systems. One of NAC’s trusted suppliers, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, detailed their recent supply of vertical concrete casks liners on their website: This announcement by Doosan was related to a portion of NAC’s DCS supply to a U.S. customer.  Doosan is an experienced and proven supplier of nuclear components with an NQA-1 quality program and has a deep resume of large nuclear component fabrication success.

For the Korean market, NAC has partnered with Doosan to adapt NAC’s technology to Korean requirements for future sales and delivery by Doosan. This includes a licensing action with the NRC for design features that will be important in Korea and other markets globally.