March 10, 2010
NORCROSS, Ga. — NAC International (NAC) today announced it was awarded a contract for its advanced generation of dry, spent nuclear fuel storage technology, the MAGNASTOR® System. The order includes at least 24 MAGNASTOR systems for use by a utility that has committed to dry cask storage of spent fuel and has a number of earlier system designs already deployed at its nuclear plants.

The scope of supply covered by the contract encompasses several years of dry storage system deliveries and includes performance of site-specific engineering, delivery of on-site transfer equipment, delivery of transportable storage canisters, and delivery of metal components for, and on-site construction of, concrete casks.

NAC has received U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission storage certification of the MAGNASTOR System, a next-generation fuel storage and transport technology that provides improved flexibility, capacity and economics to address nuclear utility customers’ evolving spent fuel storage and transportation requirements. The MAGNASTOR System substantially increases system spent fuel storage capacity and efficiency over existing technologies.

“NAC is pleased with the increase in industry acceptance of the MAGNASTOR System as an optimal approach to move spent fuel into safe, economical dry storage,” said Kent Cole, NAC’s president. “It is encouraging when world-class nuclear utility organizations select MAGNASTOR as the best solution for assuring the future optimization and successful continuation of their dry spent fuel storage programs.”

NAC’s transportable spent fuel storage technologies are among the most widely deployed concrete multipurpose canister systems in the United States. More than 330 of these systems have been ordered, and more than 260 have been fabricated, constructed and delivered to utilities. More than 230 of the delivered systems are loaded with spent fuel and deployed at independent spent fuel storage installations (ISFSIs) at U.S. reactors, representing about 30 percent of the concrete multipurpose canister systems at ISFSIs in the United States. With upcoming loading campaigns, about 250 of NAC’s systems will be deployed by the end of 2010.

NAC is a diversified company specializing in nuclear fuel transport, spent fuel management technology and fuel cycle consulting. Since 1968, NAC has been a leader in providing solutions and services to the nuclear industry throughout the world, working with both government and commercial organizations. NAC maintains its corporate headquarters in Norcross, Ga. and has offices in Moscow, London and Tokyo. NAC is a subsidiary of USEC Inc. (NYSE: USU), a leading supplier of enriched uranium fuel for commercial nuclear power plants.