January 10, 2023

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA, January 10, 2023 – NAC International Inc. (NAC) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Philotechnics, Ltd. (www.nacphilo.com) a health physics, radiological services, and waste management company headquartered in Oak Ridge, TN with a satellite facility in San Diego, CA. 

Founded in 1981, Philotechnics established itself as an integrated radioactive waste broker and processor, providing full-service low-level radioactive waste (LLW) and mixed-waste management services to more than 1,000 independent clients over its 40-plus year history. Philotechnics is a recognized leader in small facility (e.g., labs, universities, industrial sites) Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) and license termination projects. The company, now under NAC International ownership, has been renamed NAC Philotechnics, Ltd

NAC Philotechnics’ services include low-level radioactive and mixed waste consulting, brokerage, processing, and disposal, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) and Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM) consulting and disposal, sealed-source macro-encapsulation, Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual  (MARSSIM) compliant license terminations, equipment/facility release for unrestricted use, health physics services, and radioactive materials shipment support.

NAC President and CEO Kent Cole said: “NAC Philotechnics further expands the NAC family of companies’ capabilities by creating an expert integrated waste management solutions and radiological services provider. It also holds the potential for new opportunities to provide integrated services to the U.S. Department of Energy by providing NAC with a licensed facility for handling radioactive materials in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, strategically located in the heart of one of the largest DOE complexes. This achievement is another step of our focused strategy to grow through carefully selected acquisitions.”

The additional radiological support expertise provided through NAC Philotechnics enables NAC International, and its subsidiary NAC LPT LLC, a waste logistics, transportation, and technical services provider, to offer an expanded complement of services to commercial and governmental clients, providing complete project life-cycle solutions from initial material characterization to final packaging and transportation for disposal or relocation.

About NAC

NAC International Inc. (www.nacintl.com) is a diversified corporation specializing in developing and licensing technology and providing full scope services for used nuclear fuel and radioactive materials packaging, storage, transport and management. Since 1968, NAC has been a leader in providing solutions and services to the nuclear industry throughout the world, working with both government and commercial organizations. NAC has been contracted to supply 735 used fuel dry storage cask systems worldwide and has completed more than 3,750 used fuel shipments. NAC provides a broad range of fuel cycle-related consulting and information services to clients worldwide. NAC maintains its corporate headquarters in Peachtree Corners, GA. NAC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Zosen Corporation, a global leader in design and construction of environmental systems, industrial plants, industrial machinery, process equipment, infrastructure-related equipment, disaster prevention systems, and precision machinery.

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