March 5, 2021

This year, Waste Management 2021 will be a fully virtual event running from March 8 through March 12 2021, with NAC International’s speakers highlighting our effective and flexible transportation solutions.

Jeff England, NAC’s Director of Transportation Projects, will co-chair Session 053, Radioactive Material Packaging and Transportation Operations and Programs on March 9 at 1:20 p.m. MT. Also during Session 053, NAC Project Manager Jimmy Toliuszis will discuss the design and licensing of a loading and packaging system for a unique liquid radioactive materials transport project. Jeff will also participate in other panels on transportation program issues at the Waste Management S.

Steve Sisley, Program Manager for Cask Development Projects, will present on the OPTIMUS™ Type B package as part of Session 091, Radioactive Material Packaging and Transportation Regulatory Issues Worldwide, March 10 at 1:20 p.m. MT.