July 30, 2003
Norcross, Georgia —NAC International (NAC) has completed the Yankee Rowe “Pool-to-Pad” project for Yankee Atomic Electric Company at the plant in Rowe, Mass. The contract called for NAC to design, license and supply an interim dry cask storage system for spent nuclear fuel at the shutdown Yankee Rowe plant. NAC responded with 16 of its multipurpose canister systems—15 NAC-MPCs for spent fuel and one for greater-than-class-C (GTCC) waste.

NAC also performed fuel transfers, fuel loading, and canister closure operations at Yankee Rowe. Welding Services Inc. performed closure welding operations. NAC successfully loaded all 15 spent fuel canisters and 1 GTCC as of June 21, 2003, thereby completing the fabrication, delivery and loading of all contracted 16 canister systems, including eight damaged fuel cans, which were contained in two fuel canister systems.

Fabrication of all 16 vertical concrete cask (VCC) liners and construction of the casks on the Yankee Rowe ISFSI pad were completed June 2001. Fabrication and construction activities were assisted by members of the NAC project team:

  • VCC liners were fabricated by Columbiana-Hi Tech
  • On-site construction of the VCCs was managed by NAC, with construction labor provided by Cianbro
  • The transfer cask, lifting yoke, transfer adapter and fuel reconstitution cages were fabricated by Columbiana-Hi Tech
  • Spent fuel and GTCC waste canisters were fabricated by Hitachi Zosen
All fabricated hardware was delivered well in advance of its need to support spent fuel loading.

Since 1968, NAC has been a leader in providing solutions and services to the nuclear industry throughout the world, working with both government and commercial organizations. NAC specializes in nuclear fuel transport, spent fuel management technology, fuel cycle consulting, and information technology. The company’s Atlanta Corporate Headquarters is located in Norcross, Ga., with offices in Washington, D.C.; Moscow; London; Tokyo; San Jose, Ca.; and Aiken, S.C.