April 22, 2003
ATLANTA —Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company (MYAPC) and NAC International have entered into a new business arrangement that better meets the needs of the MYAPC decommissioning project and NAC. Under this new arrangement, MYAPC will more directly manage fuel transfer work on the site while NAC continues to provide its dry cask system as well as its proprietary equipment and knowledge.

“We are pleased that MYAPC and NAC were able to reach agreement on how best to continue and complete fuel transfer work at MYAPC,” said Peter Walier, President and CEO of NAC. “This agreement meets the needs of MYAPC, and permits needed work to proceed on a basis that is fair to MYAPC and NAC,” said Ted Feigenbaum, President of Maine Yankee.

MYAPC, Maine’s only nuclear power plant, is being dismantled and the plant site being restored for another use. After serving as the state’s largest generator of electricity for 25 years, MYAPC was officially closed in August 1997.

NAC is recognized worldwide as a leading U.S. nuclear energy and electric utility solutions and services company. NAC specializes in nuclear fuel transport, spent fuel management technology, nuclear fuel cycle consulting and IT solutions and implementation. In addition to its Atlanta headquarters, NAC has offices in Washington, D.C.; Zurich; London; Tokyo; Moscow; New York; Boston; San Jose; and Aiken S.C.