March 2, 2022 | By Ellen O'Shea

The safe storage of spent nuclear fuel is fundamental to every utility’s operational plans. But while the fuel sits stationary, regulation and technology are constantly improving and evolving around it. Leaders and professionals in this area will benefit from attending NAC International’s upcoming Spent Fuel Academy, April 26-28, a perfect way to maintain a high level of knowledge in your team members and to bring new staff up to the level demanded in the nuclear sector.

The NAC Spent Fuel Academy, which NAC International has run for more than 20 years, takes a universal approach to dry spent fuel storage systems, building on fundamental concepts with learning on engineering, design, analysis as well as quality assurance. This includes everything you need to know about dry storage and transportation, including canister design and manufacturing, dry storage facility operations, and regulatory requirements.

After the three-day learning experience, participants will finish the NAC Spent Fuel Academy with the full scope of background knowledge and fundamentals they need to plan, manage, and support operations on site and from the office.

This year is particularly timely for spent fuel management professionals, as the DOE recently launched a Request for Information (RFI) to create a new consent-based approach that could lead to a consolidated interim storage facility. This and other emerging issues, such as aging management and future requirements for storing advanced reactor fuel, will be Academy topics NAC International experts will expand on.

An ability to demonstrate effective management of spent fuel is essential for long-term operation as well as nuclear expansion worldwide and this course has been designed to meet the ongoing and future needs of nuclear utilities in the United States and other countries.

Visit the NAC Spent Fuel Academy main page for more information and the full course program.

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