NAC International Training Series

October 1 - 3, 2024

NAC International (NAC) is proud to offer a unique educational experience: The Spent Fuel Academy. This three-day seminar provides comprehensive training and instruction on the science and technology underlying the dry storage and transportation of spent nuclear fuel from leading experts.

Learn from the Industry's Leading Experts

NAC and the seminar faculty bring their historical knowledge, experience and industry and technology expertise to provide attendees a comprehensive understanding of spent fuel technology, licensing, operations and transportation issues.

Industry leading experts in storage canister and transfer/ transportation cask design, licensing, and operations will share their spent fuel management experience in engineering and analysis regarding dry storage systems.

The benefits of attending this seminar include a comprehensive understanding of
  • Spent nuclear fuel (SNF) management practices and experience
  • Wet and dry SNF storage concepts
  • Dry cask storage designs
  • Regulations that govern SNF management
  • Analysis and engineering that supports design efforts
  • Quality program and manufacturing oversight

Who Should Attend?

Those who should attend the Spent Fuel Academy include spent fuel operations executives, managers and professionals; technical and quality oversight staff; and government and policy professionals. Prior attendees include representatives from the following U.S. and international companies:

  • Alliant-IES Utilities
  • Arizona Public Service
  • BNFL
  • Consumer’s Energy
  • Dominion Generation
  • Duke Energy
  • Eagle-Pitcher Industries
  • EDF
  • EGL AG
  • Entergy
  • Exelon
  • Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH
  • GPU Nuclear
  • Hitachi Zosen
  • Idaho National Laboratory
  • Kansai Electric Power Co.
  • Kozluduy Nuclear Power Plant
  • MDM Engineering Corp.
  • Mega-Tech Services
  • Nebraska Public Power District
  • Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board
  • Orano (formerly AREVA NC)
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • PSEG Nuclear
  • Rolls Royce
  • Southern California Edison
  • Southern Nuclear
  • Talen Energy
  • TVA
  • UK Ministry of Defense
  • WE Energies

Spent Fuel Academy Curriculum

The NAC Spent Fuel Academy is a comprehensive three-day information- packed course on SNF storage and transportation systems covering design, licensing, engineering, fabrication, construction, operations, transportation, quality assurance (QA) programs and manufacturing oversight.

The first two days of the seminar are focused on technology, licensing, construction, and operations. A third day covers QA program considerations and performance-based manufacturing oversight of dry cask storage systems. 

Two-Day Technical Program

Design, Licensing, Engineering, Fabrication, Construction, Operations, and Transportation

  • Fundamentals of Spent Fuel Management
  • Status of Spent Fuel Management in the United States and the World
  • (quantities, wet and dry technologies, utility experience and plans for the future)
  • Dry Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation Systems
    • Metal (Storage-only) Casks
    • Dry Cask/Multi-Purpose Canister Designs
    • Overview of Storage Facility Design
    • Loading Sequence for Dry Cask/ Canister Multi-Purpose Designs
    • Technological Differences Among Systems
    • Life Cycle Costs of Dry Cask/ Multi-Purpose Canister Designs
  • Regulatory Requirements in the United States
    • Safety Analysis Report
    • General License
    • Site-Specific License
  • Introduction to Engineering and Analysis Considerations
    • Thermal, Structural, Criticality, Shielding, and Confinement
  • Overview of Canister Fabrication
  • Transfer Cask Fabrication and Overpack Construction
  • Dry storage Operations, Handling, and Transport Overview
  • Background and Implementation of 10CFR72.48 Requirements
  • Emerging Issues in Dry Storage Design, Analysis and Licensing
  • Economic Analysis of Dry Storage and Life Cycle Costs

Third-Day QA/Oversight Program

Quality Program and Manufacturing Oversight

  • The Quality Assurance Imperative in Dry Storage
  • Summary of Key QC Tests and Inspections
  • Identification of Critical Attributes
  • Performance-based Approach to Manufacturing Oversight
  • Graded Approach to Planning and Implementing Manufacturing Surveillance



Training Seminar will be hosted at:
NAC International Inc. Headquarters
2 Sun Court, Suite 220
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Nearby Hotels:

Cost to Attend

The cost to attend the seminar is $3,150.

To register, please visit


Dave Culp, Vice President of Consulting
+1 678 328-1254 |