February 12, 2021 | By Ellen O'Shea

NAC International (NAC) held its annual Spent Fuel Academy training seminar Feb. 2-4, 2021 marking the first time the seminar was fully virtual. Last year NAC successfully relaunched the training seminar in response to renewed interest and inquiries from technical and quality professionals in the industry.

The three-day seminar included sessions on multiple aspects of nuclear spent fuel management, including design, licensing, engineering, fabrication, construction, operation, transportation, quality requirements, and commercial considerations related to spent fuel storage systems.

NAC’s world-class experts in engineering, licensing, operations, and quality assurance shared their expertise in spent fuel management with attendees from across the globe. Seminar faculty provided their historical knowledge, experience, and expertise in industry and technology, together with a comprehensive understanding of spent fuel storage systems, licensing, operations, and transportation.

“This year’s panel of experts shared their extensive insight into a comprehensive variety of nuclear spent fuel management topics. We were pleased with the turnout and with how successfully the Spent Fuel Academy was converted to a fully virtual seminar,” said Mike McMahon, NAC Vice President, Consulting & Strategic Projects and seminar instructor.

NAC plans to repeat this course in the future to meet growing demand for more in-depth understanding of current spent fuel management issues and available solutions.