February 27, 2020 | By Ellen O’Shea
NAC Relaunches Spent Fuel Academy Training Seminar
NAC International successfully relaunched its Spent Fuel Academy training seminar from February 4-6, 2020. This unique educational training course had its last run in 2011. The revised course had 18 participants from three U.S. nuclear utilities, two National Laboratories, and international participants from Germany and the United Kingdom.

The course offered a two-day Technical Program covering all aspects of nuclear fuel management, including design, licensing, engineering, fabrication, construction, operation, and transportation of spent fuel systems.

The NAC Spent Fuel Academy offered an optional one-day program on Quality Assurance and Manufacturing Oversight, covering program considerations and performance-based manufacturing oversight of dry cask storage systems. NAC made the QA/Manufacturing Oversight program available as a stand-alone one-day course, but most participants opted for the full three-day course.

During our revamped seminar, NAC’s world-class experts in engineering, licensing and operations shared their technical expertise and their extensive global spent fuel management experience. NAC and the seminar faculty bring historical knowledge, experience and industry and technology expertise to provide attendees a comprehensive understanding of spent fuel technology, licensing, operations and transportation issues.

NAC plans to offer this course again in the future to meet growing demand for more in-depth understanding of current spent fuel management issues and available solutions.