July 15, 2019 | By Ellen O’Shea
World Nuclear Fuel Market Meeting in Lisbon
On behalf of the Board of Governors of the World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM), NAC International organized and managed the 46th Annual Meeting of the WNFM in Lisbon, Portugal in June 2019.

Over 170 attendees took part, including nuclear fuel manufacturers, suppliers, purchasers, and managers, and other interested nuclear power industry representatives worldwide. Representatives from a total of 78 companies, located in 20 countries participated in the WNFM annual meeting.

Topics covered during the two days of meetings included international and country-specific government influences on nuclear fuel pricing, production and supply; market influences and key strategies for managing supply of nuclear fuel components; and adapting to uranium market changes as both new-build initiatives (United Arab Emirates, China, India, Russia) and shutdown of nuclear power plants (U.S., Germany) are ongoing simultaneously.

The WNFM members also found time to enjoy the sights, history, food, music and other fun available in Lisbon. An introductory city tour, opening reception, and farewell dinner, sponsored by URENCO, gave attendees the opportunity for social networking and for appreciating Lisbon’s singular, colorful charm.

WNFM pic2

WNFM is dedicated to facilitating the trade of nuclear materials and increasing the availability of accurate, timely and useful price information to the industry. Find out more about the organization at www.wnfm.com.