April 22, 2022 | By Ellen O'Shea

The first NAC International training event to welcome attendees in person since the start of the covid pandemic, the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Seminar looked in detail at nuclear power and nuclear fuel both globally and in current U.S. market contexts.

From April 4-7 in Atlanta, NAC International consultants brought the attendees up to speed on the latest developments in policy, regulation, economics, and technology that are shaping nuclear professionals’ work and responsibilities in terms of nuclear fuel and spent fuel management. 

“We had a diverse mix of participants from different parts of the industry including nuclear fuel producers, the national labs, and a specialty instruments supplier,” said Dave Culp, the course leader and Vice President of Consulting at NAC International.

“NAC recently published a Special Report On Impacts Of Russian Sanctions On The Nuclear Fuel Marketsand we highlighted the results of our analysis throughout the seminar,” said Culp. As well as immediate impacts on participants in the markets for uranium, conversion and enrichment, sanctions would also affect logistics, and even the development of advanced reactors that need HALEU.

The seminar was also timely for developments at the other end of the fuel cycle, given the DOE’s renewed attention on the U.S. spent fuel management strategy, and its Request for Information on consent-based siting for interim storage facilities that closed just last month. 

“This year’s attendees provided unanimous feedback that the seminar was ‘Excellent’,” said Culp, adding that: “The course is designed both to get people up to speed with the crucial details of the nuclear sector as well as to refresh and update the knowledge people already have.” 

As a regular on the NAC calendar, the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Seminar will run again in Spring 2023.

For further information contact Dave Culp, Vice President of Consulting at NAC International at +1 980-253-3591 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..