February 28, 2024 | By Jeff England

NAC International plans to exhibit a full-size OPTIMUS-L transportation packaging at booth #445 at the Waste Management Symposia in Phoenix from March 10-14. NAC’s OPTIMUS-L is a lightweight, versatile, and modular transportation packaging, designed to move a wide variety of radioactive materials.

NAC’s OPTIMUS-L is the latest transportation system licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to contain and transport large quantities of high-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU) and is the first to accommodate modern TRISO fuel. This paves the way to seek approval to transport other types of HALEU fuels globally. Most advanced reactors are designed to use HALEU fuel.

NAC Vice President of Market and Product Strategy Juan Subiry commented: “It isn’t every day that you get to see a real nuclear transportation packaging up close, but we thought the best way to demonstrate the features of the OPTIMUS-L packaging was to let potential customers see for themselves. A new OPTIMUS packaging will be on display at Waste Management 2024, and we’re looking forward to showing visitors its impressive capabilities.”

NAC experts on the OPTIMUS-L will be available to discuss the packaging during the evening receptions held in the Exhibit Hall Sunday March 10 through Tuesday March 12. Learn more about NAC’s OPTIMUS transportation systems here.