October 23, 2020 | By Dave Culp

By Dave Culp

NAC International hosted its 58th annual Nuclear Fuel Cycle Seminar September 28 – October 1, 2020. In NAC’s long history of this seminar, this year’s session marks its debut as a remote, virtual event.

 Participants represented sectors of the commercial nuclear industry, including U.S. electric utilities and international nuclear fuel suppliers. Government participants included a U.S. national laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Also included were a DOE decontamination and decommissioning contractor.     

The seminar sought to optimize online learning through high-level engagement between industry peers and NAC’s expert instructors. The seminar included a four-day extensive technical and commercial program addressing the status of the nuclear generation industry and its competitive position internationally.

Other topics covered included the front and back ends of the fuel cycle; economic factors and other forces driving nuclear fuel markets; and the capacities, capabilities, markets and geographical presence of key players in the fuel cycle. The virtual seminar also offered a separate session providing analyses of the market, its dynamics and influences on contracting strategies. 

NAC’s world-class instructors shared valuable technical and commercial experience based on their extensive global nuclear fuel cycle management experience.

Closing out the seminar was a session in which participants provided feedback on course content, what they learned, and insights they gained. This helped confirm the information reviewed during this four-day event was meaningful and aligned to participants’ business needs. Given the positive feedback, NAC is shifting its focus to more online offerings and aims to deliver its next Spent Fuel Academy as a virtual event in February 2021.