Catherine Shelton

Miami, FL, USA

Catherine Shelton is driven by both the desire to help others and problem solving. She has very complementary profile with 35 years of experience with transportation of radioactive materials (strategic planning, supply chain, operations) She also has acquired a worldwide knowledge of spent fuel management solutions.

She started her career in 1983 at La Hague Reprocessing plant in Normandy (Orano former AREVA). During her 18 years in France at La Hague and in Paris headquarters, she held different management positions responsible in managing numerous types of shipments such as spent fuel, vitrified waste, plutonium, research reactors, front end materials, etc. Responsibilities were both strategic and operational. She moved to the United States in 2001 to expand her knowledge with commercial but also federal customers (NAC International and Orano). Prior to retirement, she worked in strategic development within the Orano Back-end group with a focus on spent fuel management solutions.  She started consulting in 2019.

She holds the equivalent of a master’s degree in business. She received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials (PATRAM) committee in 2019.

Areas of Expertise

  • Repository and recycling economics
  • Spent fuel storage options and economics