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NAC International will be actively engaged in the following industry events / conferences. Information on each event is enclosed below.

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The World Nuclear Association Symposium is the premier annual event for the global nuclear industry. The 2018 Symposium will be held in London on 5-7 September 2018, where hundreds of nuclear energy professionals from all over the globe will gather for a diverse program of expert talks. The event will also provide unrivalled networking and business opportunities, such as an exclusive gala dinner, as well as an exhibition of major suppliers and utilities. The Symposium is also drawing increased attention from non-industry professionals who recognize nuclear power's central importance in securing our world's energy and environmental future.

The 2018 event is taking place in LONDON on the 5th – 7th of September 2018. An event not to be missed offering extensive networking opportunities, Q&A sessions, interactive panel discussions, a large exhibition and fantastic social events.
Please find additional information at www.wna-symposium.org

NAC International will be participating in the conference and have a booth in the exhibition hall. If you have any questions, come by and see us at the booth or contact us directly via the Contact us form on this website.

Dates: 5-7 September 2018
Location: London, UK



Come hear NAC International discuss recent used fuel and high-level waste storage solution advancements and lessons learned at the conference. Don’t forget to visit our booth for addition information on NAC International’s solutions.

This year’s Nuclear Decommissioning & Used Fuel Strategy Summits Conference in Charlotte, NC on the 1st and 2nd of October 2018.

Register with this link using the discount code NAC and save $200 on your conference pass.
Web Listing: www.nuclearenergyinsider.com/nuclear-decommissioning-used-fuel 

With a record 400 attendees and over 50 of the industry's leading expert speakers, the Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Strategy Summit returns as North America's premier meeting point for decommissioning and used fuel industry professionals. Topics include:

  • Managing the complex economic, political and regulatory hurdles to advance your decommissioning and used fuel strategy
  • UPCOMING DECOMMISSIONING OPPORTUNITIES: Forecasts for the U.S. decommissioning market discussing predictions for upcoming shut-downs and imminent opportunities for vendor companies
  • GLOBAL UTILITY CASE STUDIES: Gather decommissioning experience and lessons learned from international and U.S. utilities to identify creative decommissioning techniques and ways to optimize safety and economic efficiency
  • REGULATORY UPDATES: Feedback on the upcoming rulemaking changes, better understand the Managing Ageing Processes in Storage Report in 10CFR72, and understand how regulators will support with the license transfer of spent fuel
  • THE LICENSE TRANSFER LANDSCAPE: Understand how to navigate the changing landscape of license transfer and discuss the expected financial assurance and trust fund management requirements for organizations taking the title for used fuel
  • AGEING MANAGEMENT RISK MITIGATION: Learn best practices for the extended dry cask storage of used fuel and understand how risk of cracking and corrosion can be mitigated and measured using active monitoring tools
  • INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE: Recognize recent technology developments to maximize safety and economic efficiencies for D&D, waste storage, handling and disposal, enabling future savings on bottom line costs
  • WHAT’S NEXT FOR USED FUEL? Get the latest updates on license renewals for Yucca Mountain and Consolidated Interim Storage Facilities (CISF), the impact of policy decisions for Yucca on CISF support, and industry predictions for the 2019 Nuclear Waste Bills

Dates: 1-2 October 2018
Location: Charlotte, NC