March 10, 2020 | By Ellen O'Shea

NAC International is providing the first public views of its OPTIMUS-H Cask at the Waste Management 2020 conference in Phoenix, Arizona from March 8-12, 2020. NAC is showing the new OPTIMUS-H on a trailer provided by Tri-State Motor Transit on the exhibit hall floor.

The first NAC OPTIMUS-H Transport Cask displayed offers modular shielding options for fissile materials, RH-TRU, high activity intermediate-level waste, and low-enriched uranium. Representatives from Joseph Oat Company, fabricator of the cask, were on hand at Waste Management 2020 to discuss the fabrication details of the robust ductile cast iron Outer Shield Vessel used on the OPTIMUS-H.

This year, attendance was down among international companies because of concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus. At the symposia, hand sanitizers and wipes were readily available, and fist-bumps were encouraged as an alternative to shaking hands.

Waste Management 2020 continues its longtime support of education in science, technology, engineering and mathematic (STEM) fields with both undergraduate and graduate scholarships. The student poster sessions were held on March 9, with over 40 entries, followed by a Next Generation Workforce Reception, sponsored by BWXT.