January 15, 2021 | By Ellen O'Shea

NAC LPT launched its new website on January 12 to match the company’s mission of offering world-class Logistics, Packing, and Transportation services.

NAC’s combined engineering, licensing, and packaging experience, together with the waste management handling and logistics experience of NAC LPT, will ensure seamless collaboration to meet customer needs. NAC LPT can support dismantling, decommissioning, and remediation projects regardless of waste types and class.

“We are proud to launch this new website and are excited for the future of NAC LPT. It was important for us to provide a fresh and easy to use website that shows new and existing customers the full breadth of our products and services,” said Ken Grumski, NAC LPT Vice President and Managing Director.

We are pleased to introduce our new website here: https://naclpt.com


NAC LPT LLC (NAC LPT), a new subsidiary of NAC International Inc. (NAC), is a leading provider of nuclear materials packaging and transportation solutions to the nuclear industry. NAC LPT acquired the transportation assets and hired key personnel of the former SECUR LPT, a world-class provider of nuclear and hazardous material logistics, packaging, and technical services for commercial and government environmental remediation projects