September 23, 2020 | By Ellen O'Shea
NAC International created NAC LPT LLC when it acquired assets from SECUR LPT, a leading provider of hazardous and radioactive waste logistics, packaging equipment, transportation, and technical services, serving numerous commercial and government environmental remediation projects.

NAC is well known in the nuclear energy sector as a leader in packaging and transportation of high activity nuclear waste and spent fuel. The formation of NAC LPT expands NAC’s capabilities to new areas, adding a wider array of resources and experience in logistics, packaging, and technical services for hazardous and low-level radioactive waste materials to government and commercial nuclear markets.

“This acquisition expands NAC's capabilities in packaging and transportation of nuclear wastes and strengthens our ability to serve our customers better, by offering unique and insightful solutions that integrate NAC’s state-of-the-art packaging technology with world-class logistics services in hazardous and low-level waste management sector,” said NAC President and CEO Kent Cole.

Cole noted that the new subsidiary “strengthens NAC’s expertise with shipments of waste and large components via rail transport,” which will be important as shipment to a Consolidated Interim Storage Facility begin.

Ken Grumski will serve as Vice President and Managing Director of NAC LPT. A skilled nuclear industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in nuclear and hazardous waste management services, Grumski will oversee operations of the new NAC subsidiary.

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