October 3, 2022 | By Ellen O'Shea

In September 2022, NAC added to its lengthy history of successful radioactive materials transportation with its initial domestic commercial shipment using OPTIMUS®-L packaging. Recently added to NAC’s available fleet of transport casks, the OPTIMUS-L was used to execute a legal weight waste shipment originating in Massachusetts with receipt in Texas. OPTIMUS packagings are capable of transporting a wide array of radioactive materials, equipment, wastes,  fresh fuels, and spent fuels of various activities. 

Currently designed inserts for OPTIMUS packagings enable the safe and effective transport of a wide range of materials from sealed sources to fissile materials such as Intermediate and High-Level Wastes, HEU and LEU including HALEU/TRISO fuels. Versatile OPTIMUS configurations are easily handled by fork truck, and can be safely be operated by a single technician. Loading and unloading of the packaging required less than a half a shift at the shipping and receiving location.