Dan Collier

Atlanta, GA, USA

Mr. Dan Collier has over 50 years of experience in all areas of the international nuclear fuel industry with expertise in policy setting, nuclear material control and accounting (MC&A), and the commercial aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, including costs of supply, prices paid, commercial terms and conditions and procurement and marketing strategy development. He has provided first-hand consulting expertise to most entities in the nuclear industry all over the world. He has assisted foreign and domestic utilities in developing and refine procurement strategies; sellers in the development of marketing and sales strategies and assessment of competitors: and governments in the evaluation and determination of policies. Mr. Collier has contributed to analyses in all areas of the fuel cycle from uranium mining through spent fuel storage and decommissioning, to use of recycled products. He has conducted seminars on the commercial and technical aspects of the nuclear markets and has conducted numerous market briefings for clients.

In 1978, he started NAC’s nuclear fuel consulting services division. In this capacity, Mr. Collier completed and managed hundreds of fuel-cycle consulting assignments for clients. As the consulting business grew, NAC expanded the consulting staff and set up offices in Moscow, Tokyo, and London. Mr. Collier managed the staff and developed new products and approaches to NAC’s analyses.

In 2003 he assumed responsibility for the operation of Nuclear Materials Management and Safeguards System (NMMSS) by NAC. NMMSS is the U.S. government’s state system for nuclear material control and accounting. This system tracks all nuclear materials in the United States, all exports from the United States and imports into the United States. The system provides information to the U.S. government, trading partner governments and the IAEA. Mr. Collier maintained this role through 2007 when he returned to lead NAC’s consulting practice.

Beginning in 2008 Mr. Collier led the development of NAC Reporter®, a commercial software technology to provide countries and facilities with a modern, comprehensive nuclear material accounting software package. He led the development of NAC’s contracts to supply customized versions of this software to entities in the UAE, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. He has also provided support to the U.S. government in evaluating the reasonableness of foreign government reports on the use and disposition of U.S. obligated nuclear materials.

Mr. Collier was the executive director of the World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM) from 1987 through September 2020. The WNFM is an industry association of more than 85 companies in 18 countries dedicated to improving market efficiency and price transparency. The WNFM facilitates trading in nuclear materials and price transparency. He is also a past board member of the World Nuclear Association.

Mr. Collier has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. from Georgia State University.

Areas of Expertise

  • Contract development
  • Contract portfolio analysis
  • Cycle economics and fuel costs
  • Government Policy evaluation and impacts
  • MC&A software functional specifications
  • MC&A Training
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation, Safeguards & Security support
  • Obligations reporting
  • Purchasing/marketing strategies
  • Repository and recycling economics
  • RFP and bid evaluations
  • Security of supply studies
  • Spent fuel storage options and economics