Brian Jones

United Kingdom, Europe

Mr. Brian Jones is an NAC International, Associate engaged for NAC’s Project and Programme Management Services.

He has been a Consultant Change and Delivery Manager for UK and Global clients for over 30 years following an early career in regulated Financial Services systems development. Having achieved much in permanent roles he moved to Consulting and since has used his well-honed transferable delivery skills for major UK and Global organisations.

Most recent work has been with UK Government leading significant areas of change related to the UKs EU Exit programme and mostly within the field of Civil Nuclear Material Safeguarding and IAEA Reporting. Mr Jones was asked to join a small Consultancy Team tasked with re-aligning and then leading the UK Office of Nuclear Regulations programme to establish a new Nuclear Safeguarding Regulatory Body; establishing a warranted Inspection Team, Back Office Nuclear Accounting capability and provision of State Nuclear Accounting processes to satisfy IAEA global Materials Control and Accountability regulation.

It was this programme where Mr Jones established his strong relationship with NAC; being the ONR Delivery Lead and working closely with the NAC team to adapt NACs Reporter product to meet UK State System of Accounting and Control. This complex project to non-negotiable timescales proved extremely successful with Mr Jones role being recognised as critical by both the responsible ONR Director and by the UK Governments Independent Programme Assurance body (the IPA). He further undertook the Assurance Lead role across all aspects of the ONR Programme and supported the transition into ‘steady state’ and through early life support.

With scope involving all UK Civil Nuclear Material holders this was an extremely complex and challenging programme of work; it was highly successful and recognised within the industry gaining the UK Project Managers Institute (PMI) ‘UK Public Sector Project Award of the Year 2020’.

Earlier career highlights are within the Pharmaceutical Sector with such clients as GlaxoSmithkline, AstraZeneca and Baxter Healthcare managing complex highly regulated Data Driven programmes in Drug Trending Quality Analysis, Pharmaceutical Subsidy Funding Compliance and Research and Development Collaboration Services. The common trait of these programmes being Multi Country, Multi-Site, highly regulated with a significant Supply Chain under his management.

Demonstrating an ability to adapt and assimilate subject matter he then undertook a series of client engagements centred around Workforce Management and Human Resource subject matter; again, with complex multi-national organisations such as McDonalds, Dyson and the UK National Health Service. Indeed, his work at McDonalds resulted in a significant industry award: Personnel Today HR Project of the Year 2014. A complex Business/System change Programme involving integration of several partners, deploying to some 1,200 McDonalds sites with a workforce of some 66,000 employees.

Whilst working in this sector Mr Jones undertook several concurrent short term Consultancy engagements generated by word of mouth and individuals’ recommendations. Normally involving assessment and recommendations of projects requiring triage and re-alignment. Indeed, in recent times (c. last 10yrs) most of Mr Jones consultancy work has been by way of recommendation and reflected in significant senior level endorsements received in his most recent work within the Nuclear Sector.

To make these achievements then Mr Jones demonstrates some key principles:
  • The absolute need to remain Customer Focussed through any engagement maintaining an equitable balance of the Client/Supplier relationship
  • Thoroughness and discipline in applying Project Management methods and principles be it Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid to meet clients needs; applying a detailed and quality led ethos
  • Inclusiveness with an open and honest communicative style. Mr Jones ‘takes people with him’ through the lifecycle of any engagement
  • A calm and considered ‘gravitas’ in dealing with all matters, for example, dealing with Issues, Stakeholder Communications and Regulatory Bodies.

Mr Jones has presented at UK Ministerial level in Whitehall (the seat of UK Government) and to Government Level approval boards. Has sat on several x-cross Public Sector bodies and worked much within international spheres.

Areas of Expertise

  • MC&A Customized Software Design, Installation, and Support
  • MC&A software functional specifications
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation, Safeguards & Security support
  • Obligations reporting