Andrei N Sinev

Moscow, Russia

Mr. Sinev has vast experience with the nuclear industry in Russia and the former Soviet Union, where he has had a career of over 50 years. His network of contacts throughout the Russian nuclear industry is extensive. In his position as NAC’s Moscow office manager (2004-2015), Mr. Sinev supported all of NAC’s business activities in the region, including information collection and analysis, expert consulting, sales and marketing, project coordination, and liaison. He has a deep understanding of the capabilities of the Russian nuclear industry, its evolution, and how it might support initiatives and the needs of foreign entities.
Since his retirement in 2015, Mr. Sinev has continued his collaboration with NAC as an independent consultant.

Before joining NAC, Mr. Sinev gained expertise through the following career positions:
• As Director of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Department for the JSC International Business Relations Corporation, Moscow, he managed high-quality services in nuclear energy utilization, including market information and consulting, as well as engineering feasibility studies for international clients.

• Mr. Sinev was previously head of the department for the Central Research Institute of Management, Economics, and Information in Moscow, where he was responsible for creating and maintaining the management information system for Rosatom, Ministry of Defence, other Russian government ministries, and the former Central Party Committee on nuclear power development worldwide.

• He previously served as the Scientific Secretary to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) International Working Group on Reliability of Reactor Pressure Components. In this position, Mr. Sinev supported international cooperation through the working group meetings, specialists’ meetings, and symposia. He coordinated a long-term research program on irradiation embrittlement of RPV steels.

• Early in his career, Mr. Sinev was a senior researcher for the A.A. Bochvar All-Russian Institute of Inorganic Materials in Moscow. He specialized in powder metallurgy, MOX fuel, special fissile, and cladding materials.

Mr. Sinev has a Diploma (Master’s degree equivalent) in Solid State Physics from the Moscow Physics and Engineering Institute and an additional Diploma in Economics from All-Russian Academy for Foreign Trade.

In 2013, Rosatom awarded Mr. Sinev the title of Veteran of Russian atomic energy and industry. He is a member of the Russian Nuclear Society.

Areas of Expertise

  • Contract development
  • Fuel Management
  • Government Policy evaluation and impacts
  • Repository and recycling economics
  • Spent fuel examinations
  • Spent fuel storage options and economics