Under the Foreign Research Reactor program, NAC International is the U.S. Department of Energy contractor for spent nuclear fuel packaging and transportation services for Other Than High Income countries.

Under this program, NAC was contracted to remove 46 HEU fuel assemblies from the Demokritos reactor in Athens, Greece. Two empty NAC-LWT casks and related equipment were shipped to Greece from the U.S., and a team of NAC engineers provided on-site technical guidance for all the loading and cask testing operations.

NAC was also contracted to load another NAC-LWT cask at the research reactor in Graz, Austria. A dedicated qualified vessel chartered by NAC made a first call in Greece to pick up the two NAC-LWT casks there, and a second call in Koper, Slovenia to load the NAC-LWT from Graz, then returned to the U.S. for delivery to the Savannah River Site in South Carolina.

Under the same program, the European Commission contracted NAC to remove a total 420 HEU spent fuel assemblies from the Petten research reactor in the Netherlands, using two campaigns of five NAC-LWT casks.

NAC provided comprehensive services, including trans-Atlantic transportation of empty casks and related equipment, packaging services, technical assistance to support the cask loading operations, and transportation services of the loaded casks from Petten to the Savannah River Site. A qualified dedicated vessel was used for international maritime shipment.