NAC was contracted by Westinghouse Electric to provide comprehensive services to transport irradiated fuel from Exelon’s Braidwood nuclear power plant in Illinois to the Studsvik hot cell in Sweden for post-irradiation examination.

NAC provided one NAC-LWT equipped with a transport canister for PWR fuel. A team of two NAC engineers assisted the Westinghouse and Braidwood personnel in canister and cask loading operations, cask testing, and shipping preparation.

The U.S. domestic portion of the transport from Braidwood to an east coast port was performed in compliance with the latest Nuclear Regulatory Commission security requirements. NAC chartered a certified vessel for the maritime shipment from the U.S. to Sweden.

The last leg of the shipment in Sweden was performed by a local carrier under NAC’s management. Upon arrival, the NAC-LWT cask was immediately unloaded in the hot cell to perform fuel examination.