Transport Services

NAC offers a full range of spent fuel transportation services to utilities and a variety of international agencies, thanks to a large fleet of spent fuel transport casks and a proven team of transport cask operations, engineering, and management experts. Our team of qualified engineers and cask operations personnel will assist you in preparing and performing the cask loading and unloading operations.

In conformance with the latest regulations, NAC will perform all the services necessary for the full transportation scope, including: route assessment; obtaining route approval; preparation of transportation and security plans; carrier booking; State, DOE and NRC notifications; escort coordination; shipment tracking; and other desired support services. Our Communication Center is fully operational at NAC’s corporate offices in Norcross, Georgia. The center is utilized to track U.S. domestic shipments and to coordinate communication in full compliance with all NRC security requirements.

The NAC-LWT is the workhorse for U. S. commercial spent nuclear fuel transportation casks and is currently used for shipment of research reactor spent fuel, nuclear power plant spent fuel assemblies and fuel rods, and other irradiated materials. The LWT Certificate of Compliance was revised in 2010 and issued by the NRC to extend the NAC-LWT certificate for five additional years (until February 2015) and to update the certificate to comply with TSR-1 (IAEA 96). While the adoption of the TSR-1 regulations by the NRC (implemented October 2004) allowed a three-year time period for compliance, NAC immediately upgraded the certification and completed the first shipment under the updated certificate in 2005.

The NAC-LWT cask is a very flexible cask, which can be loaded wet in a pool, or dry in hot cell facilities or facilities with small pools and limited crane capacities. If there is a question as to whether your fuel is authorized in the CoC, please contact us, preferably well in advance of your planned shipment date.

The NAC-LWT Key Design & Operational Characteristics are presented on the