Storage and Transport Technology

NAC has more than 30 years of experience in providing a wide range of services and equipment to the nuclear industry. This experience includes a quarter century in designing, engineering, licensing, operating, and maintaining spent fuel management systems for storage and transport. During that period, NAC has developed ten major NRC-licensed systems, including both the first high-capacity, directly loaded dual purpose system licensed for both storage and transport of standard nuclear fuel (NAC-STC) and the first multipurpose (storage and transport) canister based system approved by the NRC (NAC-MPC), and has obtained more than 120 NRC-approved license applications and amendments on storage and transport system designs. This broad range of experience provides assurance that NAC can successfully design, license and fabricate storage and transport technology to meet the needs of a renewed nuclear industry, both domestically and internationally. NAC is committed for the long term to providing spent fuel storage and transport systems to the nuclear industry, together with the associated ancillary and complementary systems and services.