Quality Assurance Program

 NAC has established and maintains an outstanding quality program to routinely assure the high quality of our technologies and services.  Alone among our competitors, only NAC can accurately represent that our Quality Program has been continuously approved by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission for over thirty years.  In addition to approval by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NAC also has obtained and maintains Quality Assurance Program approval by the US Department of Energy for the applicable nuclear related standards.

For reference, we have included links to copies of our current approval certificates from both the US NRC and the US DOE. Document links:

The NAC quality program has been refined and enhanced over the years, building on our own experience as well as that of others within the same industry.  NAC’s quality program is fully compliant with each of the applicable industry and regulatory codes and standards including 10CFR71, Subpart H; 10CFR72, Subpart G; 10CFR50, Appendix B; ASME/NQA-1 (08/09), basic and supplemental requirements; 10CFR21, 10CFR830.120, and other international regulatory codes and standards as apply to our activities.  In full accord with US Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements, the NAC quality program is applied on a “graded basis,” whereby formal planning is used to assign quality controls to an item or activity consistent with its safety significance.