Key Design & Operational Characteristics


NAC International


Cask Type

Legal-Weight Truck Cask

Type B Fissile



8 Casks total. Three dry transfer systems for enhanced loading/unloading of research reactor fuel.
Cask Contents:



 1 PWR Fuel Assembly 2 BWR Fuel Assemblies
 25 LWR Fuel Pins 21 Metallic Fuel Rods
 42 MTR Fuel Elements 42 DIDO Fuel Elements
 140 TRIGA Fuel Rods 560 TRIGA Fuel Pins




5 wt.% U235 (LWR) and 94 wt.% U235
(Research Reactor)

Design Heat Rejection

2.5 kW






      Overall Length

199.80 in

5075 mm

      Overall Diameter

44.20 in

1120 mm

      Cavity Length

180.90 in

4600 mm

      Cavity Diameter

13.375 in

340 mm

      Inner Shell
      Wall Thickness

0.75 in

20 mm

      Lead Shield
      Wall Thickness

5.75 in

150 mm

      Outer Shell
      Wall Thickness

1.20 in

30 mm

      Neutron Shield
      Tank Thickness

5.00 in

130 mm

      Neutron Shield
      Wall Thickness

0.25 in

6 mm

      Weight - Loaded

25.6 tons

24 metric tons

      Weight - Empty

24.0 tons

22.4 metric tons


Materials of Construction


      Cask Body

SS/Lead/SS, Electro-polished for ease of decon

      Neutron Shield

Water & Ethylene Glycol (1.0 wt.% Boron)


Cooling Fins

None - Ease of decontamination

Cavity Atmosphere


Operating Temperature
(cask radial surface, maximum)

229° F

109° C

Operating Pressure

0 psig

0 bar

Outside Surface Dose

<100 mrem/hr

1 mSv/hr


Licensing Status

Safety Analysis Report submitted in March 1988 and licensed by the USNRC on December 6, 1989. Certificate of Compliance No. 71-9225, Revision 66 issued by the U.S. NRC. Certificate expiration date is February 28, 2015. U.S. Department of Transportation USA/9225/B(U)F-96 issued on February 2, 2005.


Separate baskets for PWR fuel assembly, BWR fuel assemblies, LWR fuel pins, metallic fuel rods, MTR fuel elements, DIDO fuel elements and TRIGA fuel.