About Us

NAC International provides energy consulting, information services and spent fuel management technologies to utilities, government agencies, producers, fuel vendors and financial institutions worldwide.

NAC specializes in nuclear materials transport, spent fuel storage and transport technologies, nuclear fuel cycle consulting, and fuel cycle information services. NAC also provides fuel procurement and performance evaluations, and regulatory and communications planning. Founded in 1968 as a nuclear services company, NAC gained industry respect as a pioneer in nuclear fuel information services and cask design and licensing. NAC's offices span the globe—Atlanta Corporate Headquarters; London; Moscow; and Tokyo—serving more than 200 customers and supporting a host of diverse projects. Highlights of NAC’s accomplishments and project experience include:

  • Development and deployment of three leading transportable storage cask systems for commercial spent nuclear fuel, and supply of transportable storage technology to reactors, including Maine Yankee, the largest dry storage project for a decommissioned plant in the  U. S.
  • Development of the MAGNASTOR® System, the highest capacity and most efficient transportable storage technology in the U. S.
  • Numerous major international and domestic spent fuel shipment and stabilization projects for the DOE, including contracts to secure plutonium-bearing fuel at the BN-350 reactor in Kazakstan, to perform spent fuel stabilization in North Korea involving loading of 800 sealed canisters, to remove highly enriched uranium fuel from Iraq following the Persian Gulf War, and to return highly enriched nuclear fuel from foreign research reactors to the U. S.
  • Supply of design development services to the DOE for its Transport, Aging, and Disposal (TAD) canister system.
  • Prime contractor for several major government design, engineering and fabrication programs, including at Hanford (Washington), Savannah River and Oak Ridge.
  • Extensive fabrication experience, including the design, licensing and fabrication of more than 200 transportable spent fuel storage systems, the NAC-LWT truck transport casks, and the NAC-STC dual purpose rail transport casks.
  • Specialized cask services for the DOE, including design of a unique transport cask for Californium and support for recertification of the Paducah Tiger UF6 transport overpack, including drop test analysis.
  • Proven experience in commercial and government nuclear material safeguards management.