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NAC International will be actively engaged in the following industry events / conferences. Information on each event is enclosed below.

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September 18-23, 2016
Kobe Portopia Hotel
Kobe, Japan

The International Symposium on Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials (PATRAM) brings together experts from governments, industries and research organizations worldwide to exchange information on all aspects of packaging and transport of radioactive materials around the globe.





World Nuclear Association Symposium

September 14-16, 2016
Park Plaza Westminster Bridge
London, UK

As World Nuclear Association membership has grown to encompass almost every enterprise in the global nuclear industry, the annual World Nuclear Association Symposium has established itself as the industry's foremost international meeting, attracting an attendance of over 600 leaders and specialists from more than 30 countries.

The Symposium is also drawing increased attention from non-industry professionals who recognize nuclear power's central importance in securing our world's energy and environmental future.

The 2016 event is taking place in LONDON on the 14th – 16th of September 2016. An event not to be missed offering extensive networking opportunities, Q&A sessions, interactive panel discussions, a large exhibition and fantastic social events. Please find additional information at www.wna-symposium.org/ehome/154881/351349

NAC International will be participating in the conference and have a booth in the exhibition hall. If you have any questions, come by and see us at the booth or contact us directly via the CONTACT request form.





Nuclear Decommissioning & Used Fuel Strategy Summits

October 3-4, 2016
Charlotte, NC

Come hear NAC International discuss recent used fuel and high level waste storage solution advancements and lessons learned at the conference.

Visit the NAC booth to enter in a chance for a special prize!!

Make sure you attend this year’s Nuclear Decommissioning & Used Fuel Strategy Summits Conference in Charlotte, NC on the 3rd and 4th of October 2016.

Register through the following link using the discount code "NAC" and get a $200 saving on your conference pass. Register Now!

The conferences theme is:

“Be Prepared”

Key program items include:

  • Review progress on consent based siting and centralized interim storage facilities: Assess the public comment on consent based siting and its impact on achieving interim storage options
  • Get the latest from SONGS, VY, Pilgrim & FitzPatrick: Hear from the executives leading the shutdown strategy of the US’ most recently shuttered nuclear plants
  • Learn from complex clean-up at DOE sites: Use lessons learned from the nation’s largest nuclear clean-up sites to help your spent fuel, contracting and demolition plans
  • Be prepared for every eventuality: Don’t wait until it’s too late to secure your decommissioning strategy - hear how to ensure both planned and unplanned plant closures are managed successfully